Seeraa International (China) is a main gateway based in East China to tourism of China. It is designed to be a public platform to introduce and share anything connected to China, including all the themes listed in the websites like history, culture, attractions, spirituality, city guide, travel tips, special topics and the valued tour itineraries. Also for making the travel easier and better, the transfer and ticket booking services are professionally provided. We understand the importance of interaction and interdependence in travel, and we offer what we value and specialize in line with our experience, the details as below:

Chinese Confucianism Chinese Taoism The Heart Sutra What is Guqin?
West Lake of Hangzhou Huangshan Mountain Lhasa Potala Temple World Heritage Sites
Tibet Mount Everest Tibet Yamdrok Lake Shanghai Yuyuan Garden Hangzhou Lingyin Temple

This paragraph written for explaining why we show the extensions of tourism and the categories included in this area. Except the tour routes themselves, the extensions of the tourism are also quite useful and valued in many degrees. The extensions of tourism is the quite important supplement of tour itineraries service, and highlighted with many single services such as various tickets booking service, transportation & transfer service, hotel introduction & booking service, and the special travel souvenirs business service. These services are easily and professionally offered in Seeraa International. If you plan to have a travel to China, welcome to Seeraa and book our services, which are affordable and valuable.

Hotel Service of China Tickets Booking Service Impression West Lake Huangpu River Cruise
Romance of Song Dynasty Longmen Ancient Town Tongli Water Town Jin Mao Tower Floor 88
World Financial Center Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai Transfer Service Hangzhou Transfer Service

CULTURE - listed with ancient culture, modern culture, folk culture and elite culture
HISTORY - show ancient & modern history, events, figures, dynasties & emperors
SPIRITUALITY - about Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, superstitions and others
LITERATURE - infos of literary masters, classics, textbooks, stories & literature papers
GUIDE - a comprehensive and systematic show of China city guide and travel tips
ATTRACTION - it consists of Beijing and Shanghai, heritage sites, top attractions, jiangnan attractions, unknown attractions, city attractions, great wall and forbidden city
TOPICS - a series of collection of topics like China university, water towns & food
TOURS - offer China tours, China city tours, Tibet trips, heritage tours, Yangtze River tours, silk road tours, tour activities, special tours, countryside tours, Jiangnan trip, transfer & ticket service, tailor-made service, souvenirs, hotel & advertisement service

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