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 Welcome to Customized China Private Tour in Seeraa International:

  Customize Your China Tour
Haven’t you found the satisfying itineraries in the part of China tour? Do you want to have a tailor-made service? The customized China tour service can absolutely meet your need. We have many years of experience in offering diversity of custom China tour services in correspondence with the different wishes of travelers:

Three Steps of China Tour Customization in Details:

The First Step:

Please send us what you want by Email:, or fill out our contact form to tell us the following essential information:

- The number of the travel participants in schedule (Alone, Double, Triple or a couple with two children…). The more accurate the number offered, the better tour arrangement customized.

- The scheduled time of arrivals and departure (July, Early July or a specific date). It could facilitate the arrangement of the itineraries as required and updates of special seasonal travel resources.

- The tourist destinations or attractions you want to visit such as the cities, districts, towns, or landmarks (Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hangzhou, Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors and Horses). It will be a guarantee of your high-quality visit in China.

- Special requirements are also needed to be written into the contact form or email such as the entrance and departure airports you want, hotels you prefer, vehicles you want, cuisines you want, languages of your travel guides... It will be the guideline to arrange your special tour in China!

The Second Step:

What we offer in accordance with your requirement is absolutely designed based on your preferences and basic information. If you are not satisfied with our arrangements and customized itineraries, you can modify or rearrange the itineraries at any time until it reaches your 100% satisfaction. And the whole change is free of charge out of question!

The Third Step:

Before your booking, we strongly suggest you continue reading our Travel Terms and Conditions. In accordance with our terms and conditions, the advanced payment, 30% of the total, needs to be paid once the customers decide to book the tour. We will confirm your booking by email and phone when we receive your booking confirmation. The final or full payment is required 30 days prior to the tour commence. The transfer charge is on your own. (The Terms and Conditions in Spanish)

Tips for Designing your Favorite China Tour

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If you have any question related to your arrangements of tour, please do not hesitate to contact us for travel suggestions. We have many years of working experience in Chinese tourism industry. Also we offer the travel tips service in China. Finally, let us arrange your customized China tour in consultation with you! We are quite sure that we can get the great solution to solve some problems on your way to visit in China, and let us together weave your dream-like tour in China!

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