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Seeraa International originally established in Hangzhou Normal University, a local famous higher education institute for history and culture study in China, is designed and managed by some academic professionals and talented graduates of traditional Chinese culture and history. In 2009, Seeraa International officially started its influence on online readers who take an interest in China culture and history, as well as China travel. Seeraa International persists in the non-profit principle on condition of getting some financial support to guarantee the basic operation. Since its opening to the world, Seeraa International gets a lot of attention and encouragements from our readers and international friends. It is gradually accepted as the reliable information service center of China culture, history and travel guide. Wikipeida, Britannica and many governmental sites give plenty of external links to Seeraa International. This is a predominant progress and achievements that Seeraa International has gotten via continual efforts and upgrades. Some authoritative news agencies and travel agencies also largely cooperate with us. The great and wide influence brings Seeraa International lots of honors and testimonials from different walks of life.

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