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  China Great Wall: Emperor Qinshihuang and Meng Jiangnv


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China Great Wall used to be the military defense project specially constructed for turning against the invasion of northern horde nationality alliance. The total length is over 10,000 miles, so it is in China is famously called Wan Li Chang Cheng(万里长城). Great Wall Construction traces back to the period of Spring and Autumn when Qi State, a most powerful state located in today's northeast area of Shandong Province, built China's first section of Great Wall, subsequently, Great Wall of Qin State, Great Wall of Zhao State and Great Wall of Yan State were built mainly for defending their areas from exterior invasion from northern minorities. Today, the remainders of Great Wall chiefly belong to Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The world-famous sections of great wall available today such as Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall are mostly constructed or rebuilt in Ming Dynasty. Hence Ming Dynasty Great Wall is no other than what we talk about at present. Great Wall starts from Jiayuguan Pass in western China to Hushan Mountain in Liaoning Province, Northeast China. The Great Wall in total is 8851.8 kilometers long and the average height is 6 or 7 meters and its width is 4 or 5 meter. China Great Wall together with Xian Terra-Cotta Horses and Warriors and Beijing Forbidden City has been accepted as the symbol of China as well as the witness of Chinese Ancient History. In the world, China Great Wall is also regarded as the Eighth Miracle of Humankind and as famous as Egyptian Pyramid. Today, China Great Wall has been written into the World Cultural Heritage List.

Historically, Great Wall of China played the role of defense, which was more vivid in Qin Dynasty and Ming Dynasty. Today, Great Wall has been the museum displaying the ancient history of China. Also, Chinese Great Wall is also closely connected with many touching stories such as Meng Jiang Nv's Heartbreaking Story and Emperor Qinshihuang's Whip of Driving Mountains. Chinese Great Wall today is also playing the important role in defending the deforestation and sandstorm to some extent. It is undoubtedly also the important tourist resources. Some sections of Great Wall has been developed and preserved well. Today, Climbing up Great Wall becomes a fashion, even a spirit to check whether you are a true hero or not. Because Chairman Mao used to say: You're not a true hero if you haven't got up to the Great Wall. From the defensive role to today's cultural part, Chinese great wall has a dramatic change thanks to the change of the world and the peaceful globe. By the way, today's most important sections of Great Wall are situated in Beijing Municipality, but it does not mean that China Great Wall is only available in Beijing. In reality, China Great Wall is widely located around China, and Great Wall in Beijing is the best representative.


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Badaling Great Wall



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Simatai Great Wall



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Mutianyu Great Wall



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Juyongguan Great Wall



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Jiankou Great Wall


More sections of Great Wall to be preserved

Gubeikou Wild Great Wall

Huanghuacheng Wild Great WallYellow Flower Wild Great Wall

Qinglong Gorge Wild Great Wall

Water Pass Wild Great Wall

Meng Jiang Nv Story

Emperor Qinshihuang and the Great Wall

Emperor Qinshihuang and Meng Jiangnv

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