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China is a vast country with the third-largest territory around the world and an ancient country with the glorious civilization and sempiternal charm. China's diversity of attractions embodies its fascination in many aspects.

For the sake of introducing the classical scenic spots and destinations of China, China Top Attractions is specially independently and prominently stressed in this portion. China Top Attraction structurally is made up of natural landscapes, humanistic landscapes, cultural and historical performances, national heritage sites as well as museums and educational services.

Natural landscapes highlight the typical destinations featuring picturesque and eco-friendly natural beauty for leisure and travel such as the world-class geoparks, mountains and rivers. Theoretically, such a classification can hold water but in reality, in China, each attraction is a complex of natural and humanistic landscapes. We just aim at stressing the natural value of these attractions via this theme.

Humanistic landscape emphasizes the cultural and historical destinations. And it will be the highlights of China Top Attractions. this subsegment will systematically show many valuable cultural spots and historical relics like Northern Great Wall in northern China, Southern Great Wall in southern China, Forbidden City in Beijing, Imperial Palace in Shenyang,, Imperial Palace in Hangzhou, Imperial Palace in Xian, Imperial Palace in Nanjing, Terra-cotta Horses and Warriors, Emperor Shihuang's Mausoleum, Emperor Gaozu's Chang Mausoleum, Emperor Wendi's Ba Mausoleum, Emperor Jingdi's Yang Mausoleum, Emperor Wudi's Mao Mausoleum and Imperial Mausoleums of Emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Confucius Mansion in Qu Fu, Mountain Tai, Shaolin Temple, Three Gorges Area, Suzhou Classic Gardens, Hangzhou West Lake, Huizhou Ancient Town, Huangshan Mountain, Longhu Mountain, Wudang Mountain and Zhongnan Mountain and so on.

Cultural and historical performances are characterized of a variety of cultural shows indoors and outdoors like Kungfu Show, Impression West Lake, Impression Liu Sanjie, Impression Lijiang, The Romance of Song Dynasty and Tang Dynasty Singing and Dancing Show and so on.

National Heritage Sites mainly stress the introduction of many important natural and cultural destinations under the nation-level protection in the name of National Heritage. Majority of them are the best resources for tourism and leisure in China. Some of them have been listed into World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Museums and Educational Services are highlighted with the introduction of Chinese museums and universities. It is for young people who know little about China but want to study in China... (More Details)

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