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Most of people no matter where they are may hear of some of Chinese representative attractions like Beijing Forbidden City, China Great Wall, Xian Emperor Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum and auxiliary Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses, Changsha Mawangdui Relic, Anhui Huangshan Mountain, Suzhou Classical Gardens, Hangzhou West Lake, Emei Mountain of Sichuan Province, Yunan Stone Forest, Guilin Natural Landscape, Tibetan Potala Palace, Shangri-La, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and so on. All of these are classified into the cultural and world-renowned tourist attractions of China. Unquestionably, many such kinds of tourist attractions in China featured of both natural landscape and humanistic landscape. They usually represent the quintessence of Chinese Attractions and also the preferred choices of many tourists at home and abroad to compose their China tours. These widely-influential attractions surely the best tourist resources that highlighted and largely promoted by Chinese authorities, and surely are easily touched and remembered by many tourists, but actually the real appearance of these highly-valued attractions is not superior to those that less known or never touched by tourists at home and abroad.

China is the third largest country, especially boasting its more than 5000 years of history, and naturally owns a large number of tourist attractions with different characteristics. Those internationally famous attractions just take up a small proportion of the whole attractions, and majority of Chinese attractions are unknown or less known by tourists. Besides many of them are unexplored and still retain their primitive looks and some are hidden in deep mountains or blocked by the geographic position. Speaking of their quality, most of them are not inferior to those internationally known tourist attractions of China. For instance, before worldwide known, Fujian Tulou is just the commonplace for living. After its perfect development and entrance to World Heritage Site, this special building complex with architectural style are globally famous overnight. This truly shows that many of Chinese unknown attractions have the great potentiality to be the world-class places of interest.

As the further development of China and Chinese tourism, more and more amazing and fascinating attractions will be well-known in the world. Just as Chinese people isolated living in complicated and underdeveloped mountainous areas, once do they get the opportunity for development, they will breathtakingly surprise the world! China is never short of best tourist resources but lack of the opportunity to exploit and develop these primitive and valuable attractions. China Unknown Attractions are always walking on the way to internationalization like China itself. And there will be more and more tourist attractions written into World Heritage Site and remembered by more than more people around the world... (More Details)

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