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Chinese ancient culture is highly mentioned in comparison with Chinese modern culture . Categorized in periods, China came into modern times after the outbreak of Opium War in 1840; in other words, before 1840, China was in the ancient period. Based on this classification standard, the culture from the time that China traced back to Three Dynasties---Xia Dynasty(2070BC-1600 BC), Shang Dynasty(1600BC-1046BC) and Zhou Dynasty(1106BC-256BC), to 1840 was entirely regarded as Chinese Ancient Culture, which generally is constituted of literature, philosophy, economy, science and technology etc. It also can be divided into different detailed dynasty cultures such as Qin-Han Dynasties Culture, Pre-Qin Dynasty Culture, Three Kingdoms Period and Double Jin Dynasties Culture, Southern and Northern Dynasties Culture, Sui-Tang Dynasties Culture, Song-Yuan Dynasties Culture and Ming-Qing Dynasties Culture.

Repeatedly, we need to re-talk about the definition of culture according to Chinese scholar's academic understanding in the angle of views of socialism though it has been highly focused in the homepage of China Culture . It is comprised of macroscopic definition and microscopic definition. The macroscopic definition of culture is the extensive summation of material treasure and spiritual treasure humankind created in the process of social development, and the microscopic definition is the achievements that humankind gets in the realm of science and technology, ideology, literature, art, physical training and education and so on. Laid on the foundation of Marxism theoretical system, culture is a social phenomenon strongly featured by the transient characteristics in that certain times, so a certain kind of culture mirrors the feature of social politics and economy of a certain times. Culture on the basis of material civilization develops forward as the development of social development of material production. Culture is also characterized with continuity, class nature, phase as well as nationality. Culture in other way belongs in ideology and an important part of superstructure, and it is functionalized as a tool to maintain the ruling and domination of the upper class, but the class under domination always releases their voices via culture as well.

Chinese ancient culture is the highlights and the most important segment of Chinese culture and is always valued and studied by elites from generation to generation. Their joint conclusion on the reason why China can create a glorious ancient culture is roughly summarized to be the development of economy, powerfulness of nation, amalgamation and exchange of different ethnic groups, Sino-foreign economic and cultural communication as well as the promotion of national feasible policies.

What is the quintessence of Chinese culture? Confucian Benevolence and Standpoint of Humankind in Equality of Education, Mencius' Benevolent Administration, Mo Zi's Extensive Affection, Non-Attack and Worshipping Sages, Taoist's Dao and Inaction and Idealism Philosophy, Han Fei's Legalism, Zhu Xi's Neo-Confucianism, Zhou Yan's Theory of Five Elements Circulation and many other theories lay the firm foundation of China Ancient Culture. All of these theories originated from the oneness of human and nature. Feng Youlan, a modern Chinese famous philosopher, has given us a rational and dependable analysis about Chinese culture in his book of History of Chinese Philosophy. Currently, Chinese culture is vividly represented by Chinese calligraphy, Chinese traditional painting, Chinese classic music, Chinese Kungfu, Chinese Feng Shui, Chinese Architecture, Chinese Rituals, Chinese Costumes, Chinese lifestyle, Chinese Festivals, Chinese Customs, Poems of Tang Dynasty and Ci of Song Dynasty and so on. These outside revelations of Chinese culture always fascinate many people through its history, elegance and charm. Also, the academic aspect of Chinese culture is also perfectly incredible. Its contributions in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, geography, medicine, architecture and agriculture are considerably marvelous. Additionally, the exhibition of Chinese culture is quite complicated and needs a lot of basic preparations before touching and understanding it with your soul and heart.

Thanks to Chinese ancient culture, China greatly developed in advance in all aspects and kept the whole society in stability and harmony. And a lot of treasured thoughts about social administration and individual cultivation still play the vital role in today's society. Currently, the Chinese central government engaging in taking great pains to establish a harmonious society also needs get as much nutrition and inspiration as possible from Chinese Ancient Culture. China Ancient Culture is an unsurpassable milestone in humankind's cultural history.


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