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China also boasts her profound and incomparable cuisine culture throughout the world. Traveling in China, tasting Chinese cuisine is surely an unforgettable and impressive experience. For introducing Chinese cuisine systematically and readably and facilitating the visitors who care more about this aspect before their visit to China, we elaborately made this special topic themed with Chinese Delicacy. In this special topic, the relevant cuisine information of China's main tourist destinations will be provided timely and professionally to maximize Chinese all-sided cuisine culture as much as possible. Enjoying Chinese cuisine is mainly spotlighted with tasting and process of cooking. Hereon, we also specially tailor several itineraries of cooking class, which will be partialized in the making of Chinese cuisine like making dumpling and cooking the classic Chinese dish when visitors enjoy themselves in their tours.

Arriving in Beijing, the cuisine is represented with Beijing Roasted Duck and the snack is represented with Crystalline Candied Haw. Diversity of cuisines from different area of China always satisfy your stomach.

Shanghai is one of Chinese most dazzling modern metropolises. From Xiaolongbao to sino-west cuisine, visitors can easily taste them. Wandering around the cuisine streets or the prosperous business streets?people always can get the elegance and loveliness of Shanghai.

Xianan is the must-see of Chinese tourist destinations when visitors plan to visit China. Except its marvelous historical sites and cultural attractions, Xian Cuisine is also a highlighted side of Xian tourism. Its Dumpling Dinner, Cold Noodle(Liang Pi), Pancake with Meat(Roujiamo), Infilled Dumpling(Guantangbao) are all the delicacy that should be tasted. Eating in time-honored restaurants or snack shops is surely a different experience in Xian.

Famous for its dream-like mountains and water, Guilin also boasts its cuisine. The respresented Guilin Rice Noodles(Mi Fen) and Yangshuo Beer Fish are widely welcomed. Visiting in Guilin and tasting the local delicious cuisine are undoubtedly the good experience.

Close to Shanghai, Hangzhou is an older city famous for its elegant culture and history. Hangzhou-style food is also strongly featured by its local culture. Dongpo Pork, West-Lake Vinegary Fish, Eel Noodle with Shrimps and also on are all the representatives of Hangzhou local cuisine. Tasting these unusual cuisine near to the West Lake, Royal Street of South Song Dynasty and prosperous commercial streets is certainly a unique enjoyment.

Different from western cooking methods, Chinese cooking methods are diversified. The classic partsare Sauting, Braising, Stewing, Fuming, Mixing, Burning, Frying and Pickling and so on. Dim Sum as the last course of Chinese formal dinner is unavoidable. It is also valued traditionally.Sauting ---- Adding oil into pan and warming it, putting raw materials and sauce into the burining pan and successively mixing them. Sauting is comprised of pure sauting, braising sauting and quick fry. Braising---- Putting materials into pan with water and sauce and pieces of gingers and then braising the food gradually and slowly till it is cooked.


China Cuisine Pioneers

China Cuisine Pioneers



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