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Mild China Shanghai and Hangzhou Tour Service
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11 Days China Jiangnan Regional Culture Tour
Land tour + well selected hotel + domestic flights/trains, Private Guided with your own English speaking guide (otherwise specified), your own driver at your own pace and schedule.By the way, The itinerary below has a description for each day’s activities and attractions. You can enrich this tour with our add-ons. Inquire for free. Welcome to contacting us!
China Jiangnan Tour of Seeraa
Jiangnan in China has been the symbol of elegant culture and lifestyle and the place where people pin their much affections and yearning on. Nonetheless, the definition and spread of Jiangnan have never been consolidated. In other words, Jiangnan can be regarded as an invisible but vitally important area that is closely connected with Chinese people's dream as well as the spiritual aspect of Chinese culture, Chinese art and Chinese philosophy. In sum, Jiangnan in China serves as the classic dream with traditionally graceful lifestyle, classic academic center with classic literary education as well as the heavenly area with multi-oriented residents. ... (More Details)
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