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China Dynasties

This is a quite famous video
themed with Beijing Forbidden
City, the old imperial palaceof Ming
and Qing Dynasties. Moreover
, the background music is also so
significant and solemn that a
mass of young generations love
it very much. Incidentally
, this music titled of Memory
of Forbidden City is composed
by a Japanese composer.

China as an oriental mysterious country is always attracting more and more westerners for being less known in west. Basic information about China mentioned above is perhaps easily learnt or searched online. Apart from these, what else have you learnt about China? If you prefer to read, let me show you hereinafter:

In Dynasties, you may know much about Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Speaking of other dynasties, you may never know or just hear of those somewhere. Besides these world-famous dynasties, China also has many glorious dynasties distinguishing themselves with their own characteristics.

The primitive dynasties include: Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty. Xia Dynasty was Chinese first formal slavery country according to some authoritative historians’research results; Shang Dynasty was famous for its high-level civilization development symbolized with oracle Bone Inscription excavated in Anyang of Henan Province, where used to be the capital of Shang Dynasty. Zhou Dynasty was the peak time of Chinese slavery civilization. Majority of Chinese traditions both in thoughts and materials were originated from this dynasty. Specifically, Zhou Dynasty was comprised of West Zhou Dynasty (capital in Hao Jing) and East Zhou Dynasty(capital in Luoyang), and East Zhou Dynasty was constituted of Period of Spring and Autumn(the turbulent period teemed with injustice wars for benefit) and Period of Warring States(also the messy period full of wars). Chinese most important classics like Four Books and Five Classics were roughly appeared in this time. The tradition and culture of Zhou Dynasty is the source or even the root of Chinese Civilization. In this time, Confucius (founder of Confucianism) and Lao Zi(founder of Taoism) both show their theories and thoughts throughout states.

The Subsequent Dynasties generally consist of Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty,Wei Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty. This period is the development and booming time of Chinese Culture. China generally in this age got up to its all-sided powerfulness especially in Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty and Tang Dynasty. During this big time, Emperor Qinshihuang, Emperor Hanwudi, Emperor Tangtaizong and Emperor Tangxuanzong were unbeatably famous in China even today. Chinese history entered the peak time. Chinese civilization shows its glory in this time. Why the Chinese call themselves Han Ren or Tang Ren is absolutely from this special period. By the way, Chinese Tangzhuang Costume is quite popular for it’s traditionally from Tang Dynasty. This period is entire Chinese’s pride and gene.

The mature and downfall dynasties are Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. This period is the matured and declining period of Chinese ancient civilization. Song Dynasty was perhaps the richest but poorest dynasty for its flourishing economy and policymaking. Song Dynasty was the world of learners and well-educated people. This was an unreachable dynasty in ancient time for its top degree of intangible civilization in the aspect of philosophy, literature, values, arts, calligraphy and spiritual liberation. Song Dynasty is the wonderland of Chinese history highly admired by current scholars and learners. Yuan Dynasty was a special period for its largest territory at that time in the world and its reign of Mongolian nationality. Ming Dynasty was a summarized period of former civilization created by forefathers. Ming Dynasty surprises us today for its high-level architectural abilities; Beijing Forbidden City is the typical instance. Qing Dynasty was Chinese last feudalistic empire, and also reigned by minority nationality of China---Manchu Nationality. It was the historical period that China was suffered unprecedented humiliation and affront since westerners forcefully opened Chinese gate. Qing Dynasty ended with abdication of Emperor Xuantong in 1912.

Current period of China is chiefly administrated by two different but closely-connected parties. Hong Kong and Macao since they reverted to motherland have been successfully managed under the principle of One Country and Two Systems; Taiwan as one part of China Territory is under the reign of Kuomintang and Mainland China is under the management of CPC.

List of China Dynasties

    China Dynasties      Duration of Time      Theory of Five
    Elements Circulation
    China Operated by Yellow Emperor .     Before 2070 BC .     Earth .
    Xia Dynasty 夏朝 .     2070BC-1600BC .     Wood .
    Shang Dynasty 商朝 .     1600BC-1046BC     Metal .
    West-Zhou Dynasty 西周 .     1046BC-771BC     Fire .

East-Zhou Dynasty and Period of     Spring and Autumn 东周和春秋 .

    770BC-476BC     Fire .

East-Zhou Dynasty and Period of     Warring States 东周和战国 .

    475BC-221BC     Fire .
    Qin Dynasty 秦朝 .     221BC-207BC     Water .
    West-Han Dynasty 西汉 .     206BC-24     Earth .
    East-Han Dynasty 东汉 .     25-220 .     Fire .

Period of Three Kingdoms (Wei     Kingdom, Shu Kingdom and Wu     Kingdom) 三国(魏、蜀、吴) .

    220-265 .     Earth .
    West-Jin Dynasty 西晋 .     265-316 .     Metal .
    East-Jin Dynasty 东晋 .     317-420     Metal .

Southern and Northern Dynasties
    南北朝 .

    420-589     Water and Wood .
    Sui Dynasty 隋朝 .     581-618     Fire .
    Tang Dynasty 唐朝 .     618-907     Earth .
    Five States Period 五代 .     907-960     Metal, Water and Wood .
    Northern Song Dynasty 北宋 .     960-1127     Fire .
    Southern Song Dynasty 南宋 .     1127-1279 .     Fire .
    Yuan Dynasty 元朝 .     1271-1368 .     Metal .
    Ming Dynasty 明朝 .     1368-1644 .     Fire .
    Qing Dynasty 清朝 .     1644-1911 .     Water .
    Republic of China 民国 .     1911-1949(retreat to Taiwan)     Unknown .

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