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  China Milestone Events Highlights: Zhang Qian Opened Silk Road


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The banner image of this subpage is themed with NANJING MASSACRE, or RAPE OF NANKING(1937-1938), the unforgotten nightmare of poor China and the unforgivable atrocities of evil Japan

China Milestone Events is highlighted with the historical breaking events like the appalling Nanjing Massacre happened during World War Two.The header image of this page is a segment of painting themed with the bloody slaughtering scene of bestialized invaders of Nazi Japan. Their brutism must be remembered for ever. China Milestone Events can be broken down into different phases following the divisions of periods.

Milestone events before pre-Qin Dynasty may be comprised of Battle of Mu Ye, Battle of Chengpu, Battle of Yanling, King Huaiwang's Death of Chu State in administrated territory of Qin State, Infighting of Jin State by Concubine Li Ji, Exile of King Wengong of Jin States, War Between Wu State and Yue State, Turmoil caused by Concubine Xia Ji, Infighting of Lu State, Guan Zhong's Reform in Qi State, Shang Yang's Reform in Qin Dynasty, Lv Buwei's Reform of Qin Dynasty and so on.

Milestone events from Qin Dynasty to pre-Tang Dynasty include: China's first unification realized by Emperor Shihuang of Qin Dynasty, Incident of Burning Books and Burying Elites, Chu-Han War, Xiang Yu's Suicide after defeat, Seven-State Turmoil during Emperor Jindi of West Han Dynasty, Emperor Wudi' s outbound wars against Huns, Silk Road Opening, Buddhism Entered China, Peasant Insurgence, Hou-Jin Turmoil, Taoism as a religion appeared, Dong Zhuo' s Usurpation(Campaign against Dong Zhuo), Battle of Chibi, Battle of Guandu, Five Northern Minorities made mid-China in confusion, The Opening of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Emperor Yangdi of Sui Dynasty killed by his followers, Empress Wuzetian founded Wu Zhou, An Lushan-Shi Siming Rebellion(An Shi Rebellion).

Milestone events from Song Dynasty to Qing Dynasty covers Emperor Huizong of Northern Song Dynasty was captured by Jin Authorities, Central government of Song Dynasty moved to Hangzhou, Shaoxing peace negotiation, General Yue Fei's Unusual Death, Yuan Dynasty overthrew Southern Song Dynasty, Peasant Insurgence and Yuan Administration's Collapse. Emperor Zhu Di of Ming Dynasty Constructed Forbidden City, Incident of Tumu(Tumu Crisis), Sino-Russian War, Opium War, Western Powers 's Invasion to China, Xin Hai Revolution.

Milestone event from the overthrow of Qing Dynasty to today is constituted of The Foundation of The Republic of China, Northern Expedition, Restoration of a Dethroned Monarch, The World War One broke out, Paris Peace Conference and Chinese disgrace, May Fourth Movement broke out, Establishment of Chinese Communist Party, Japanese invasion begun with September 8th Incident, Northern China Incident, Anti-Japanese War begun with Luogouqiao Incident(Marco Polo Bridge Incident) in 1937, Japanese Brutality of Nanjing Massacre, Japan's unconditionally surrender in 1945. Chongqing Political and Peace Negotiation between Kuomintang and Chinese Communist Party, The Three-Year Civil War, Kuomintang Retreated to Taiwan, The Foundation of New China(People's Republic of China), The Korean War, The Great Chinese Famine(Three-Year natural calamities), The Anti-Rightist Movement, The Cultural Revolution, Tangshan Earthquake, Policy of Reform and Opening Implementation(Economic Reform in the People's Republic of China), 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Sichuan Earthquake and 2010 Shanghai World Expo and so on.


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