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Seeraa International is a non-profit website of China aiming at spreading Chinese culture, Chinese history, Chinese attractions, Chinese literature, Chinese spirituality and some recommended China essence tour. Incidentally, it also has the special section in Chinese and English. Under the new circumstances of the global communication from traditional channels to the instant online model, the world has changed a lot since network appeared. How to reconsider the measures to display China and Chinese culture should be highly emphasized by each individual of China. Today's power and influence of internet is superior to anything else. Showing China and Chinese culture online would be the best way and most effective channel to realize our target.

This is a newly-constructed website in dramatic progress. No matter what kind of questions you ask and kind-hearted suggestions you give us, we always do our best to give you the best responses and wholehearted services. For facilitating the online readers' connection and chat with us, We show the contact details hereinafter:

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We offer a Free Consultation with online readers anytime. If you have any questions regarding China and anything about China, come talk to us!


By the way, Seeraa International is a non-profit website platform for worldwide online interactive exchange. However, for keeping the general operation and regular development of Seeraa International, we also offer the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISEMENT SERVICE when serve plentiful free resources of information about China's yesterday, today and tomorrow. We can provide some certain webpage sections in different pages(including the homepage) for our cooperative partners or guests' online advertising promotion,which will bring us the win-win results. Someone who want to cooperate with us, please contact us according to the contact details mentioned above. We are working hard at making more and more online readers touch you and believe you via broadening our traffic and influence in the world of internet. We are at your service and waiting for your contacts anytime and anywhere. (More Details)

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