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Seeraa in Chinese is themed with Chinese Culture Study, Chinese History Study, Chinese Spirituality Study and Chinese Liteature Study in Chinese. Incidentally, many personal writings will be shown here as well for helping Chinese learners. Seeraa in Spanish is another part to demonstrate China Culture, China History, China Spirituality, Chinese Attractions and Chinese Splendid Folk Customs to all the Spanish readers and speakers. (MORE)
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Seeraa Special Topics is a considerably vital section professionalized in displaying some special but fascinating topics categorized with their shared similarity and attractions. In other way, majority of them systematically collect the existed articles with similar topics or themes from different sections of Seeraa Int'l, and it will make the reading quite efficient. (MORE)
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Dear There,
I don't know your name, but your webiste is great! I learn a lot of things about China on it. I am quite interested in West Lake of Hangzhou,and your perfect and culture-centered introduction gives me an amazing impression. Seeraa International is quite specialized in culture and history show. I love it, but could you please show us some your recommended travel suggestions, it is very useful to me. May your site be better and better...
Steve M.K. Fustone from Perth, Australia
Jan 9, 2012
Seeraa International as a non-profit website in English, Espanol and Chinese to exhibit China in spirituality and materiality aims at serving as much information about China as we can to meet the accelerating needs of the world in the process of Chinese internationalization as well as globalization of China Culture.China is the oriental oldest and largest country with many tourist attractions highlighted with great history and culture of China. The charm of classics and profoundity of philosophy guide the world to China.Seeraa International at your service...(MORE)
China Tour in Seeraa International is just a highly recommended part for non-commercial promotion of China tours. It is highlighted with many recommended tours comprised of China City Tour, China Special Tour, China Silk Road Tour, China Countryside Tour, China Jiangnan Tour, China World Heritage Tour and Yangtze River Tour. The recommendation particularly features Tibet Tour, Shanghai Tour, Hangzhou Tour, Suzhou Tour, Huizhou Tour, and Beijing Tour. China tour of Seeraa International freely serves as much reliable and refreshing information about China travel as we can to all the readers and travelers planning to visit China. This is our target! Anyway, please remember Seeraa International is a non-profit website, and the tours and guides we recommend are absolutely and unconditionally free of charge.
Jiangnan region in travel aspect featured of East China tour is a quite famous tourist destinations of China for the regional tradition, culture, history and folk customs. Jiangnan region is one of the most developed areas of China, and the Jiangnan tour generally consists of city tours represented by Shanghai city tour, Hangzhou city tour, Suzhou city tour, Huizhou city tour, Nanjing city tour and other famous city tours. Jiangnan region is the most important center and cradle of Chinese elite culture. Jiangnan travel actually is the regional elite culture tour of China.

  • Beijing


    is the capital of China and the most famous tourist city of China
  • Shanghai


    is the largest city of China and one of the world's top cities
  • Suzhou


    is the most classic city of China also famous for traditional culture
  • Hangzhou


    is the most romantic city of China with a scene of West Lake
  • Xi'an


    is the oldest capital city famous for history and imperial buildings
  • Guilin


    is the most beautiful city featured of natural landscape in China
  • Huzhou


    is a city near to Taihu Lake and an elegant city with literature...
  • Shaoxing


    is famous city for history and culture in Zhejiang province...
  • Nanjing


    is an ancient capital of China and the second largest city in Jiangnan
  • Nanjing


    is typical waterside city of East China and also has many attractions
  • Nanjing


    A fantastic tourist destination highlighted with folk culture...
  • Nanjing


    is the third city of East China featuring elegance and classics
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As the extension of China’s influence, Chinese culture, history and tradition are gradually accepted and learnt by more and more people in the world. Globalizing period needs the multi-cultural strategic insight. China becomes quite attractive in the international community, and learning Chinese history and culture also is a fashion and tendency in the world. The Confucius College that Chinese government largely supports bridges China and world...(MORE)
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Chinese spirituality
  • China spirituality is generally constituted of five portions: China Confucianism, China Taoism, China Buddhism, Extra China Spirituality and China Superstition. This section will be the highlighted portion of Seeraa International, and readers can learn more about Chinese Spirituality in this section. People always highly praise China's splendor and uniqueness as well as beauty and wisdom of Chinese people. Obviously, thet are deeply rooted in mysterious and sophisticated spirituality and philosophy of traditional China. It is always right to maintain a notion of understanding spirituality of a certain people and country prior to understanding their traditional culture and customs. To learn more about China, reading Chinese Spirituality of Seeraa International is alway the top priority.

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  • Chinese Superstition, Extra China Spirituality
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