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 Welcome to China Higher Education in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:
China Higher Education in modern times since its establishment represented by the foundation of Jingshi Daxue Tang in late Qing Dynasty has gone through several great and unprecedented reforms and the system of China Higher Education has been also changed too much. Learnt from the advanced management and subject classification, China Higher Education achieved its several large leaps. In particular, before 1949, it was the golden time for Chinese higher education development, and a large number of famous universities formed when many great educationists appeared. Most of these universities are still leading the development of China higher education today. The representatives of this period include: National Southwest Associated University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Nankai University, Jiaotong University, Wuhan University and Sun-Yat-sen University. The success of China Higher Education reform at this time mostly should owe to the relatively free social and academic environment, the brilliant far-sighted educationists and the right reforming principle: The Truth of University is not tall buildings but academic and spiritual masters. After 1949, China Higher Education was dramatically changed based on learning from Former Soviet Union. Many world-famous and influential comprehensive universities were dismantled into several small but specialized colleges or universities, even some parts were removed to other universities for reconstituting a new-style university. The declining history of Zhejiang University and rising history of Fudan University are the typical evidences. Since 1978, China resumed the National College Entrance Examination, and China higher education got its second prosperous period. But since the second large nationwide reform of China higher education in 1999 for industrialization and commercialization frustrated China higher education a lot, and today, the hurted China Higher Education is still in the process of modification and relief.(Chinese Higher Education Tour)

China University of Mining
and Technology
Hangzhou Normal University Zhejiang University Peking University Tsinghua University
Nanjing University Fudan University University of Science and
Technology of China
Sichuan University Sun Yat-sen University
Wuhan University Suzhou University Tongji University Dongnan University Lanzhou University
China Renmin University Tianjin University Xiamen University Tibet University Nankai University
Beijing Normal University Nanjing Normal University East China Normal University Shandong University Shanghai Jiaotong University
Chongqing University Beijing Language and Culture
Beijing Foreign Studies
Shanghai International
Studies University
Harbin Institute of Technology
Nanjing University of the Arts Capital Normal University The Communication
University of China
The Central Academy
of Fine Arts
China Academy of Art
Shaanxi Normal University Shanghai Theatre Academy Central Academy of Drama Hong Kong University Taiwan University

These Universities respectively represent different types and levels of Chinese Universities. They are strongly featured with the historical experience of Chinese higher education history. Each of them reflects one important aspect of Chinese higher education reform and development. China University of Mining and Technology is a polytechnic university originally established by Chinese higher education forerunners. It is worldwide famous for its mining technology and energy resources research. It is one of the most important think bank for China's energy strategy. It is the traditional university with more than 100 years history and specialization in energy science and technology. Hangzhou Normal University is an epitome of Chinese higher education development over the past 30 years. Hangzhou Normal University has become a locally authoritative comprehensive university from an unknown and poor municipal college though it is still called normal university. After several-year considerable leap and the construction of its large-scale campus in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Normal Univeristy represents the newly-famous universities with an overnight change in all aspects just as Chinese dramatic success in economy. By the way, Hangzhou Normal University possibly will be changed to be Hangzhou University, which used to be a quite famous comprehensive university in East China but finally annexed by Zhejiang University, for re-glorifying humanity aspect of East China Higher Education. Zhejiang University is one of several top universities in China as famous as Peking University and Tsinghua University in northern China as well as Fudan University and Nanjing University in Southeast China. Zhejiang University is the strongest higher education center of China for its power and research in science and technology. however, its humanity and social science development is not so good as its natural science and technology. More service is available via contacting us anytime and anywhere! ...(Email: