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Tibet is a part territory of China but quite special and different from other regions of China. Boasting the Roof of the World, Tibet is the highest area in possession of highest altitude and the world-famous Mount Qomolangma or called Mount Everest. As the summit of earth, Tibet is the born center of mystery and spirituality in humankind, specifically, the center of Buddhism, a religion speaking up internal tranquility and external benevolence. Thanks to these distinctions, Tibet is the closest site to paradise. Tibet is the heaven of holy Buddhism and has a glorious tradition of spiritual leadership. Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama are legendarily the existing aspects of Kwan-yin Bodhisattva and Longevity Buddha, and they are both respectfully and widely considered to be the Buddha and the spiritual leaders, also the superior political leaders. The famous Buddhist monasteries consist of Lhasa Jokhang Temple(Dazhao Monastery), Lhasa Potala Palace, Lhasa Sera Monastery of Medicine Buddha Hill, Lhasa Norbulingka Summer Palace, Gyantse Baiju Temple and Shigatse Tashilhunpo Monastery. These famous spiritual destinations are not mainly featured of religion, frankly, also serve as the palaces of spiritual and political leaders like Potala Palace, Norbulingka Summer Palace and Tashilhunpo Monastery. Tibet is the heaven of natural wonders and strongly characterized of sacred mountains and miraculous lakes. The most representative beauties are: Mount Qomolangma, Rongbuk Glacier (including Rongbuk Monastery), Karuola Glacier and Karuola Mountain. Tibetan holy mountains including Tsetang Gongburi Mountain, Lhasa Yaowang Mountain (God of Medicine Mountain) are all the fascinating natural attractions. The fantastic holy lakes include Yamdrok Lake, Namtso Lake and Lake Manasarovar. They are all the plateau lakes with amazing scenery. Tibet is a big region with a few small cities. Lhasa, the largest city of Tibet, is not so large as imagined. Top cities of Tibet include Lhasa City, Shigatse City, Tsetang Town, Bayi Town, Chamdo Town, Nagchu Town, Gyantse County, Dingri County and Zhangmu Town. Actually, most of them are unqualified as the city. The Yarlung Zangbo River and Grand Valley is also the world natural miracle, Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Valley is the world’s largest and deepest one. The local citizens’ daily lifestyle is also special, and majority of them are the Buddhists, so their life is quite simple but full of peace and satisfaction. Perhaps in China, the sense of happiness is stronger than it in any other region. Read more via the map of Tibet and the city and regional introductions of Tibet as below:

Lhasa ShigatseShannanNgariChamdo

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    10 Days Tibet Tour of Challenging the World Roof

    Tibet is a better spiritual and tourist destination for single or a couple. Are you wishing to travel in Tibet personally or together with your lover, but can’t afford the high private tour rates? Please let us arrange your tour or pair you with other like-minded travelers, and then you can enjoy a customized itinerary with a low cost by sharing guides, vehicle rentals etc.,which make a Tibet tour expensive. If you'd like, we can help you find other travelers and coordinate all of the details for a tour(max.4 people) to anywhere in Tibet.

    1. 8 Days Expedition Tour to the Heart of Tibet-Lhasa,The Everest, from 927 USD
    Tibet is special region of China with special regional culture. Tibet culture is featured of long-term Buddhist culture. Buddhism shapes the local tradition and local people’s lifestyle. Tibetan people mainly are the Buddhists, and they lead a simple but peaceful life, though most of them are poor in the aspect of materiality. This is the biggest difference from other citizens of China. Under the influence of Buddhism, the highlights of Tibet cultural attractions are all closely connected Buddhism culture.

    2. 10 Days In-Depth Tibet Tour of Challenging the World Roof, from 1339 USD
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    Tibet tourist attractions comprised of the natural tourist attractions and cultural heritage sites, and the most attractive cultural attractions represented by many famous Buddhist monasteries like Jokhang Temple, and the natural beauties are highlighted with the great mountains and special lakes like the world’s highest mountain – Mount Qomolangma …

    Jokhang Monastery Norbulingka Palace Tibet Potala Palace Tashilhunpo Monastery
    Changqingchunkeer Temple Tibet Mount Everest Tibet Yamdrok Lake Sima Xiangru
    Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru
    Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru

  • Tibet travel is absolutely different from other regional tours due to its special geographic conditions, regional special belief and special local lifestyles. The average altitude of Tibet is more than 3500 meters and majority of the hot tourist attractions have an average altitude above 4000 meters, so the first-time travelers had better attach importance to the altitude disease, and more tips should be taken into consideration like carrying the sunscreen cream, sun glasses and hat …

    High Altitude Disease List of Tibet Attractions
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    Tibetan Cuisine Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru
    Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru
    Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru Sima Xiangru

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